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Старый 27.03.2006, 04:51   #1
Valery Romanchev
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Будет использована коммерческая система компании Jive Software
со стоимостью лицензии $18 950.

Вопрос пока обсуждается, но большинство ответсвенных лиц согласны
The username and password are: typo3/typo3

> Please take your time to check it out and let me know what your > thoughts are. The URL is:
> I've created an admin user for anyone to log in and check out the
> system. The username and password are: typo3/typo3
> We'll host this as a gift for the T3 community, so any suggestions on
> making this better for all will be greatly appreciated. It's very
> stylable, so we'll make it fit in very nicely with the new CI!
> Its features include: automatic pull from newsgroup, automatic post to
> newsgroup from logged in users (as long as the user is signed up to
> post on the mailing list), and an RSS feed for each forum, post and KB
> article, ability to watch posts and threads, and for users to suggest
> posts to be turned into KB articles. Lots of big companies are using
> this, including:
> Apple:
> Amazon: http://developer.amazonwebservices.c...ect/index.jspa
> BBC:
> Oracle:
> HP:
> IBM:

> It's normally a $18,950 (USD) application, but Jive Software is
> donating it to us because T3's an open source project, and Jive is a
> big supporter of open source (and has donated a lot of time to open
> source projects).
Веб-студия ТТЛАБ

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