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По умолчанию T3CON12DE - Community, the TYPO3 family and Neos

June featured the North American TYPO3 conference in Quebec, (Canada), August the Asian incarnation in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and from October 4-6 the conference was back again for the 8th time at it's European roots at the Filderhalle in Stuttgart, Germany. With nearly 450 visitors from 19 different countries, T3CON12DE was the main event for the TYPO3 Community in Europe and the place to be if you are into Enterprise Content Management.Agile Development with the T3SCRUM projectThe conference started on Thursday October 4, with special development workshops for the upcoming TYPO3 products,, Unit Testing, Versioning, and the popular introduction day introducing the TYPO3 CMS to newcomers. A full day tutorial covering SCRUM Training demonstrated the benefits of agile development and coached the very interested participants, by means of practical examples, SCRUM games and modelling. The SCRUM Session was part of the newly established T3SCRUM educational project, which provides training and webinars, blog posts and other communication about SCRUM and other methodologies for software development (link: The day ended with a very short General Assembly of the TYPO3 Association where two new members where elected for the Business Control Committee and Expert Advisory Board as replacement for two member that left. (link: T3A GA The Keynote - It’s Time for NeosOn Friday the conference started after a short introduction and welcome with the keynote of Robert Lemke, the well known lead developer of the TYPO3 Flow framework, showing the different products from the TYPO3 brand which has evolved during the last year. Robert showed the different features from TYPO3 4.6 and 4.7, up to the TYPO3 Government Package leading to the new TYPO3 6.0 - available by the end of november 2012 and introducing the new File Abstraction Layer and Namespace for the TYPO3 CMS.By showing off existing products, like FLOW3 and Fluid, along with upcoming solutions such as Surf, which have grown from the original TYPO3 product, Robert Lemke continued to introduce the new branding scheme for the TYPO3 Family.The main idea behind the new branding scheme is to have TYPO3 as the “family name” while the different products can be called by their “first name”. TYPO3 now acts as an umbrella brand for the different products, enabling TYPO3 products be either called by their full name (e.g. TYPO3 Flow for the Flow Framework) or by their everyday names - Flow (formerly known as FLOW3). Further information regarding the new branding scheme can be found here: branding move was the TYPO3 Logo, which now moves in front of every product name and becomes monochromatic with orange as the single color. (link: up Robert Lemke showed off the new, fresh and revolutionary product of the TYPO3 brand - TYPO3 Neos - the new Content Management System the TYPO3 community has been waiting for. Developed from scratch and built from the TYPO3 Flow Framework, including several other Open Source tools such as ember.js, twitter bootstrap, create.js and so on. TYPO3 Neos introduces a new way to manage content directly on the frontpage of your website with real What You See Is What You Get. Every change is stored in a personal user workspace which can be published after review, images can be uploaded, inserted and reworked (e.g. cropped) immediately within TYPO3 Neos. Robert then showed the roadmap for Neos, aiming to release features like Responsive User Interface, TYPO3 Content Importer, Multi-Language User Interface, User roles and Management and Public API for Backend Module within spring 2013.TYPO3 Neos 1.0 alpha 1 is already available for download here: A Neos demo site is also in preparation and will be released soon!The keynote ended with a video showing impressions and interviews from the TYPO3 Neos code sprint held in Copenhagen in September of this year.Nearly 60 sessions and workshops from four topic tracksThe keynote ended to huge applause, leaving everybody excited about the changes, innovations and achievements which have been reached within one year. Right away the main conference started, offering a wide range of nearly 60 sessions and workshops from the four major topic tracks Community and TYPO3 Association, Integration, Developments, Concepts and Projects.The new T3A budget processOne of the biggest talks during the conference was the budget discussion of the TYPO3 Association (link: T3A, a follow up to the new budget process of the T3A, which invited four of nearly 50 projects to represent their ideas to the TYPO3 community.First Ben van’t Ende, the TYPO3 Community Manager, introduced his budget application for 2013 and showed how his work is has influenced the community during the past years. Ben also showed the audience some community dashboard metrics and explained his daily work and ideas for growing the TYPO3 community.After that the TYPO3 v6 team, represented by Ernesto Baschny and Oliver Hader, showed their achievements and plans for 2013, including those to improve code quality and a short insight for the upcoming features of TYPO3 Version 6, along with plans on how to spend the money from their budget application.Next up was the TYPO3 Neos team, represented by budget owner Karsten Dambekals, also showing their achievements and explaining their budget application for 2013. During the q&a session the spectators from the TYPO3 community took their chance to start a lively, interesting, but fair discussion regarding future developments and milestones for the inquired budgets. Karsten Dambekalns also asked the broad audience to actively participate in the TYPO3 Neos project (formerly known as “Phoenix”) by suggesting feature wishes for the recent Content Management System of the TYPO3 familyFinally the Marketing and PR team, represented by Kian Gould, introduced their budget request with the idea to mandate a professional public relations agency for the TYPO3 project.In summary the T3A budget discussion had very strong participation from the TYPO3 community and T3A members which showed strong interest in the new budget process and their wish for transparency. For further discussions the forum of the budget applications is still open until 3rd November 2012. (link: Event with DJBesides the comprehensive conference program another highlight of the T3CON12DE was the social event in the evening of the second conference day. The social event took place at the atrium of the Filderhalle, starting with a dinner buffet and continuing with a DJ Set and people dancing, socializing and celebrating the TYPO3 community. Live online certifications beginning 2013During saturday the conference continued to offer more workshops and sessions. Notably the session about the future of the very successful certification program for Certified TYPO3 Integrators was fully booked. Today already more than 1,150 Certified TYPO3 Integrators from 27 countries across the world have successfully approved their skills in TYPO3.The certification Team announced that the certification program will expand in 2013 to offer live online exams carried out by Pearson VUE. Later in 2013 a TYPO3 Certified Developer program will be also be offered.Finally the conference ended with a talk on saturday afternoon leaving everybody with a feeling of progress, inspiration and excitement for all the upcoming projects and events. The next major TYPO3 event will be the international TYPO3 Conference which will take place in San Francisco, USA on 30/31 May 2013, as the T3CON13US.Special thanks to Den Denyer for proofreading this article.

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